We were asked recently could we make a 4 foot bed?! Well, the answer was yes, of course we can. Then I was asked why we weren’t promoting the fact since off standard beds are so hard to get! Hence this article to get the message out there!

But first a little background to beds and sizes.



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The vast majority of beds sell in a number of standard sizes. The size in question refers to the actual width of the mattress that goes onto the bed. And hence the size matches the bedding that needs to be bought to dress the bed.

First, the 3 foot – this is a normal single. The next size up from this is 4 foot 6 inches – this is a double or Queen, also called a standard double. 5 foot – is known as King sized. 6 foot is known as Super King. NB: some retailers will use slightly different terminology (i.e. a Queen, King etc), so let’s not get tied up or fall out on the terminology – it’s the size that’s important.

So why do manufacturers only offer the above sizes as standard? It helps keep things simple – less variety of bed sizes means more volume on the remaining models. Fadó fadó in Éireann, there were lots more local manufacturers who made beds in a myriad of different sizes but in recent times, the 4 sizes above have become the norm.

However, we can make beds to measure. We offer a number of bed styles and options to fill the void in the market. So call in and see us. We can also offer customers divan bases and divans on legs (both in 4 foot). And importantly we also have a special arrangement with a mattress manufacturer who supplies us with quality mattresses to match the bed frames.

One last thing to note – quite often the main motivation for going for a 4 foot bed (or even a 2.5 foot bed) is because of lack of space. Just note that many wooden bed frames are wider than their corresponding mattress size – e.g., a wooden posts often slightly overhang the sides of the bed at base and top. So if space is a major issue, then go for the divan option – this allows for the absolute minimum of space wastage. Consumers can call in to the Drumbriston Furniture outlet on the Dublin Rd, Monaghan Town for a full selection of these and more products. For more information click on www.drumbristonfurniture.ie For trade contract enquiries please get in touch with us on this site.