Monaghan based Rossmore Furniture / McNally’s Wood Lab get involved in all different kinds of weird and whacky innovation projects! (Well, weird and whacky when you consider that we are first and foremost a furniture manufacturer!)

Recently, because of our advanced CAD/CAM design and manufacturing facilities we were approached by Bill Reddington at DIT to enable some prototype production for the FormulaDIT team. Here are the jubilant lads and lassies at the famous Silverstone Park in the UK, getting to try out their engineering finese on the racetrack! (College was never that much fun for me…) For more information see

Innovation Dublin Awards

DIT and Rossmore

DIT and Rossmore

Also shown on left is the engineered motor car which took part in the InnovationDublin launch which took place recently. In attendance was the Lord Mayor of Dublin and a wide selection of business and innovation proponents. Innovation Dublin is a conference taking place to emphasise the need for commercial and academic cooperation and collaboration in securing Ireland’s future! Go on Ireland!!!