When furniture shoppers talk about what “quality” in furniture means to them, they often come up with the following points:

  1. Quality means furniture which is fit for purpose.
  2. Quality means furniture which is well built and strongly engineered.
  3. Quality means furniture which is strong and durable and which can take normal day to day use.

But how do you identify furniture that is quality? What should you look out for? Well, here are some characteristics that people look for in quality furniture. People expect furniture to:

  • Feel firm and steady when pushed or sat upon. If it’s squeaky or rocky its not a good sign!
  • Be heavy, relative to size – a large piece with little weight is unlikely to have much long term strength.
  • Be comfortable to sit on (in the case of upholstery and sofas).
  • Be made of solid materials.
  • Have strong hinges and joints that will give years of use.

One big area of misunderstanding is that of solid woods versus veneered woods. This is a more complicated area than many understand. Solid woods can be prone to movement and splitting and can also be more expensive. On the other hand veneering (done incorrectly or with inadequate materials) can often result in problems. Many people have had bad experiences with cheap flat pack furniture and because it is almost always made from veneers they associate it with cheapness. However, this is not always the case – veneering has been done for hundreds of years and fine marquetry and expensive inlays are all made of veneered woods. Suffice to say that all quality manufacturers use both solid and veneered components.

Quality Furniture

Quality made Irish Furniture

So here’s my top tip for everyone – buy furniture from a reputable retailer/manufacturer who has been around for years, who is happy to explain quality levels and who has the experience and the expertise to keep you in the right direction! Consumers can call in to the Drumbriston Furniture outlet on the Dublin Rd, Monaghan Town for a full selection of these and more products. For more information click on For trade contract enquiries please get in touch with us on this site.